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Mustang For Sale

Located at:  417 Main St.; Effingham, KS.  66023


The Story:

In 1991, I purchased the Stang from a local farmer who had been using it as a car for his daughter to drive to high school.  I tracked down the vehicle through the motor records division of the State of Kansas to find all previous owners.  The vehicle was purchased new in Omaha, Nebraska and went through seven owners before me. (Paperwork available) It traveled west across Nebraska and then south into western Kansas and then worked back east to Nortonville, Ks. where I found it and made the buy.


It was blue in color when purchased.  After doing research, we started the project of restoration to put everything back to original as best we could do.  This was a project for me and the three boys.  After a couple years of work and help from an excellent body man in Effingham, KS., the project was completed in time for the oldest son to take it to the prom in 1994.  Each of the boys took it to the prom except one year when I determined it was too muddy and wet and dad's Cadillac was used  instead.  The Mustang doesn't do rain and mud.


Now it just sits and waits for me to warm it up occasionally.  I can't divide it between the three boys so it is going to be sold.  It is easier to divide money.  I don't drive it anymore and it needs a home where someone will take better care of it than me and also enjoy it.


It is a cool old car and in my opinion one of the prettiest designed cars made.


Below are photos of it in its now condition and also some photos of the before and during process of restoration.  Tried to keep good records of everything and fix it true as possible to be a collector car.


If you have any questions, feel free to email me or call on the phone.  Love to talk about my car.


There are some items that still need to be done but I just haven't gotten around to it. 

They are listed below.


1964 1/2 Ford Mustang

VIN:   5F07U132215






Can be seen by appointment.


Questions People Asked and Answered


Other items that are part of transaction:


Original Motor

Fenders, Bumper that were removed

and all parts removed for replacements (in a box)

Car Cover


1965 Shop Manual for Comet, Falcon, Fairland and Mustang


Original Owners Manual


Mustang Recognition Guide (1989)


Data Plate Decoder Booklet (1964 1/2 to 1973)

& Mustang Price Guide (1991 Edition)


Before pictures and during restoration


Photos of Existing Blemishes






















Before pictures and during restoration


































Photos of Blemishes








List of things I been meaning to do to it yet.


The transmission shifter lever and a lot of play in it and needs to be adjusted

There is a small leak somewhere on the transmission that has eluded me and the mechanic.  Pisses me off to see oil on the floor.

When it sits for a few months without being started it takes a long time for the fuel to get to the carburetor.  I think there might be an air leak allowing the gas to siphon back to the tank.

The dash had been altered to accommodate a larger radio.  I have the replacement piece that needs to be welded into place but have never taken the time.  I thought maybe the next person may want to put in a more modern radio and not use the old AM radio.  (That's my rationalization for being lazy)

I replaced the upholstery and dash but didn't change the carpet.  It looked to good to replace.

The arm rests on the door are original.  They are faded and have cracks.  Been looking for replacements but haven't found any good ones yet.




Paint job:  Seven coats of paint that match number.  Was done with an orange peel finish just like the factory did it.

Fenders:  They had too much rust for my taste and so we replaced all four with new steel.  The old ones are still available and can go with the deal.  Front bumper and splash pan are still available as well.

Motor:  The motor in the car was replaced I was told at 125,000 miles.  It runs good and compression is good.  The old motor has been saved and goes with the car.

Floor pan:  It was pretty normal for there to be rust on the bottom side of the two bucket seats.  This one had some rust going on and so we cut it out and welded in new floor pans.  As you can see from the pictures we exposed every bit of iron for inspection.

Bondo:  We found a lot of filler had been used on the car when we stripped the paint.  Almost all of that has been removed and straightened a lot.  It appeared it had been in a hail storm at one time.  A small amount of filler was used by us to make the surface perfectly smooth.




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